Welcome to all the Dearly Beloved of God

We, the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, are a group of people called by God to the apostolate of fostering and promoting true devotion and consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have no other purpose than Their triumph and reign in the hearts and lives of people everywhere.

Perhaps this is the most important message that you will ever read because of the tremendous repercussions which it could have.

At Paray-le-Monial in the seventeenth century the Sacred Heart of Jesus assured St. Margaret Mary that He would REIGN THROUGH HIS HEART inspite of His enemies. At Fatima in the twentieth century the Blessed Virgin Mary assured the children that Her IMMACULATE HEART would triumph in the end. By our true devotion and consecration to these Two United Hearts and by our undertakings to spread this love for Them we can hasten the Day of Their Final Triumph and Reign!

You must think of the Heart of My Mother in the same way as you think of Mine: Give yourself to Her Heart as you give yourself to Mine . . .

By confident consecration to my Mother, the devotion to My Heart will be strengthened and, as it were, completed. This consecration will be according to My promise, a renovation for My Church, a renewed strength for Christianity . . . a source of signal graces for souls . . . devotion to Her Heart united to Mine will bring peace, that true peace so often implored and yet so little merited.” (Jesus to Berth Petit)

“The devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, many believe, is indeed the devotion of our time. The Holy Father Himself, Pope John Paul II, adopted its propagation as a special mission of his pontificate. Time and again, he has manifested his ardent desire to make this devotion known throughout the world.” - Ricardo J. Cardinal Vidal, DD